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Forwarding between 2 SP domains (IN-CSEs) using HTTPS

katochan ・ 2019-01-22 17:07:49
[Matters for Inquiry]

I have a query about "https support" when a forwarding of the request happens between CSEs in different SP domains.

Domain for IN-CSE OCEAN-a/OCEAN-b are set to different domain, e.g. sample.a/sample.b respectively.  <remoteCSE> of CSE-Base of OCEAN-b (e.g. mb-base-b) has been created under CSE-Base resource of OCEAN-a (mb-base-a). When I tries to access the ae-b resource from service-a vi OCEAN-a/OCEAN-b like above, I got the following error.


GET : /~/mb-base-a/mb-base-b

get_resource_from_url (H1DwGN4mV): 2.997ms

[check_csr] : /mb-base-a/mb-base-b

csebase forwarding to http:/...........

GET - /~/mb-base-a/mb-base-b


[forward_http] problem with request: socket hang up


When I checked the source code, I found the check_csr() function ( in app.js file ) that forwarding the request to POA (OCEAN-b in this case) only supports http and mqtt but not https. I think the URIs included in the poa list should be started from "https://" but still not sure if current version supports this kind of forwarding using https. Could you please let me know if I am wrong?

Thanks in advance,

      Hiroo Kato


[My Environment]

- OS (Win97, Win10, Mac, Linux, ETC):Ubuntu 18.04

- Mobius Version :2.4.15

- DB Version (Mysql 5.7, Maria 10.1,... ) :Mysql 5.7.24


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