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How to create announced resource

katochan ・ 2018-12-20 18:44:33
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Hi all,

We are now trying to create annoucement resouce(s) e.g. AEAnnc.

Original AE can be created using CREATE request but the announced resource is not created automatically.

As far as I understand, to create an announced resource, the original resource should be created by including "announceTo" (shortname "at") attribute in the CREATE request. 

But when sending a CREATE request with "announceTo" attribute, all I can see is new AE on the Hosting CSE and no Announce resource is created on the announce target CSE.

Following is the body data to create AE and AE announce resource.

{    "m2m:ae" :{       

        "api" : "gps-app",

        "rn" : "Mobility_P013",

        "rr" : false,

        "at" : [ "/mb-cse-b" ]   



and original resource hosting CSE is below. (there seems to be no log recoreded in annouce target CSE)


POST : /mb-base-aget_ri_sri (rJbBzaOg4): 4.257msX-M2M-Origin: Sselect_direct_lookup /mb-base-a (HylWHfTueE): 0.868msselect_resource cb /mb-base-a (HybZBzTde4): 0.649msselect_direct_lookup /mb-base-a/Mobility_P013 (BJzZBMpdeE): 0.685msinsert_lookup /mb-base-a/Mobility_P013: 153.340msinsert_ae /mb-base-a/Mobility_P013: 231.179ms{"m2m:ae":{"rn":"Mobility_P013","ty":2,"pi":"HJcz7JLg4","ri":"SHk7WHzTulV","ct":"20181220T071817","et":"20211220T071817","lt":"20181220T071817","api":"gps-app","rr":false,"at":["/mb-cse-b"],"aei":"SHk7WHzTulV"}}""update_st_lookup /mb-base-a: 29.586ms


I wonder if the procedure (info) to create AE announce resourse is correct.  Please help me to find how to create the announce resource.

Thanks in advance,

       Hiroo Kato


[My Environment:私の環境]

- OS(Win97、Win10、Mac、Linux、ETC):Ubuntu 18.04

- Mobiusバージョン:2.4

DBバージョン(Mysql 5.7、Maria 10.1、...):Mysql 5.7.24


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