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How to send Notification using https

katochan ・ 2018-12-20 14:41:34
[Matters for Inquiry]

Hi all,

We have a question about the Notification using https protocol.  Currently we are trying to send a Notification to remote https server but unsuccessfully.  SSL/TLS setup has been done using the following link, and official SSL certification is used.


Would you please help us how to fix this issue?

The resource structure is like following:

AAA_AE+- AAA_container+- AAA_subscription

The body part for creating the AAA_subscription is following.

{"m2m:sub" : {"enc" : { "net" :[3] },"ln" : true,"nu" :[ "" ],"nct":1,"rn" : "AAA_subscription" }}

Below is the OCEAN output log when contentInstance is created.

<---- [request_noti_mqtt - 3][pxy_mqtt] - sample<---- /oneM2M/req/mb-cse-a/sample/json[request_noti_mqtt - problem with request: socket hang up][request_noti_mqtt - no response - 3][request_noti_mqtt - close: no response for notification]

But when nu (notificationURI) is set "", Notification is sent successfully.


Thanks in advance,Hiroo Kato


[My Environment]

- OS (Win97, Win10, Mac, Linux, ETC): Ubuntu 18.04

- Mobius Version : 2.4

- DB Version (Mysql 5.7, Maria 10.1,... ) : Mysql 5.7.24


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